Sunday, February 3, 2013

With Dogs Eyes

My dog and I agree on several basic life principles, which may be why we get along so well.

It’s really nice to get up early in the morning.
Neither of us likes dog parks, but a long walk in the woods is divine.
We don’t like food out of cans unless it just a small part of a very good meal.
Treats are great, but not often.
Naps are wonderful.
Hanging around the house is a great pleasure to both of us.
Fur can make you itch.
Our sense of smell is proof that there is a god. 
We both run away if someone drops the leash.
Petting is a joy to both parties.

Of course each of us has a few tastes the other doesn’t share.

Sniffing butts really isn’t my thing.
Drinking zinfandel isn’t hers.
I don’t mind getting my teeth cleaned, but with her they need anesthetic.
I’ve never peed on the carpet.

© Picottee Asheden